Rebilcaz is an Expressionist sculptural exhibition composed of more than 50 pieces of human figures. Two series: Terracottas


Delegation of the Government of Aragon in Teruel

(March 2 to 30, 2012)



It is a committed, avant-garde and reflection sample. The expressions of his characters let us glimpse emotions and thoughts that overwhelm us with pleasure, curiosity or rejection, but nobody remains indifferent.

rebilcaz_panor1They are beings with plaster or clay skin, with muscular and expressionistic forms, with a strong visual impact; Shocking in some cases. Humans of individual “worlds”, still bodies and faces without specific expressions, moods from stillness, where we can subtly perceive their psychic diversity.

His expressions, deeply human, reveal emotions, thoughts, feelings and dreams. They appear naked with their heads shaved; perhaps we will see the crowd of a society of any epoch or moment, country or culture. They do not carry elements that identify when they existed, it does not matter, they could be human “mirrors” of any age, condition or gender.

recogimientoIt is inevitable the dialogue with them, each one is a world, a corporal gesture, a face that says everything without specific movements or expressions. From the stillness, from there is where the message can be most intense.

“If you’re looking for hell, ask the artist and if you do not find the artist, it’s that you’re in hell”


Expressionism has been the technical resource of this work, because anatomical distortions, some mild and others not so much, accentuate body gestures. Neck with muscles in tension, shoulders afflicted or defiant in backs that say so much about the burdens of life, the posture of the arms and legs; all this, carefully studied reflects in them the crowd of a society of any epoch. They appear naked and their heads shaved, eliminating accessories that can guide when they existed. There only the human being emerges, no matter the time, nothing changes in the background; We could surely see them in a crowd of any country and culture, or imple people walking around us.

This work is “form”, volumes studied, analyzed and dissected looking for the essential without knowing what is it, perhaps, something so intangible and complex that it simply vanishes in sensations that float. They do not claim anything, they do not pose questions or issues of “candlestick” or social news; they do not even extol or idealize the esthetic of art. They are there, nothing more.



Sculptures made without mold. Each figure is a unique piece, individually built on a mast.
Hollow inside. Without a model
Stoneware gummed and baked at 900 degrees
Measurements. 55-70 cm.

Plaster carved directly by chisels and gouges. Without mold. Each piece is unique. Without a model The plaster has been agglutinated with water-natural tails to increase its hardness. Finished with sandpaper according to textures.
Measurements. 55-70 cm.

Mixed technique. Acrylic on canvas and coal

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